SW Certified Gold

HyperMILL for Solidworks

hyperMILL® is the powerful CAM software for difficult, complex geometries. hyperMILL® allows you to program the complete machining of sophisticated parts with just one CAM software system. The advantages for the user are integrated processes, lower processing times and higher reliability.

hyperMILL® integrated within Solidworks

Highest partner status: Certified Gold Product

SolidWorks Corporation, developer of the popular Solidworks CAD product has certified the integration of OPEN MIND's complete solution and has designated hyperMILL® as a 'Certified Gold Product'. This is SolidWorks' highest award based on outstanding integration, quality and interoperability. To receive the 'Certified Gold Product' award, the partner product must go through a multilevel certification process. The requirements include full integration of the software user interface within SolidWorks® and associative database linking of the geometric data of SolidWorks®. In addition, SolidWorks® reference customers must be able to use the software product effectively. In-house product tests are also conducted at SolidWorks to determine whether its high requirements are fulfilled. OPEN MIND Technologies released hyperMILL® V9.7, including the SolidWorks® integration in October 2007. And now hyperMILL® has now successfully completed and passed the certification process.

Integrated process chains for CAD users

"Our CAD-integrated CAM solution hyperMILL® has the advantage of allowing SolidWorks® users to implement integrated process chains on their existing user interface," explains Frank Eckstein, responsible for hyperMILL® for SolidWorks in the Application Technology division at OPEN MIND. "In our software solution, the CAD and CAM systems both access the same database. A uniform data model is used for the entire process. This helps ensure transparency and accuracy in the production process and prevents errors."
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