EDSA Technical

EDSA Technical 2000 is a complete, highly integrated CAD/CAE system specifically designed for power system design and simulation. EDSA can be applied to the design and analysis of any type of power system and adapted to meet exactly the specific requirements of every electrical distributionsystem, both in engineering and operation and maintenance.

A full electrical model serves as the main information vehicle for power system design and simulation information. The model contains associative and parametric relationships, material definition, static and dynamic attributes, and manufacturing and installation data. This model is created once and increases in fidelity as the design matures and progresses from concept through detail.

The model may be stored in a full ODBC format with the most recent design information available to all users so that genuine cooperative working is possible.

Ability to publish high fidelity DWF files to the corporate intranet makes collaborative electrical engineering a possibility.


EDSA® Technical 2000 is setting a new benchmark for electrical engineers and power system specialists in productivity - delivering the fastest, most intuitive, and solution-rich toolset for creating and simulating detailed electrical one-line drawings in record time.

EDSA Technical 2000 utilizes the most advanced solution algorithms delivering unprecedented performance, such as the ability to simulate 50,000 buses or more.

EDSA simulates how a power system will function in its intended environment - non-specialist design engineers can explore the electrical performance of design alternatives. With the insight gained from EDSA software, users can improve designs early in the development cycle, when changes are easier and less expensive to make.

Unique Object Oriented solution technology provides fast, accurate solutions automatically - solutions that help to improve power system quality and reliability, while decreasing costs associated with power failures, harmonic disturbances and power system instability.


• 3phase system design
• 3phase unbalanced system
• 3phase/1phase system design
• 1phase system design
• AC/DC system design
• DC system design
• 100% AutoCAD compatible
• 100% Microstation compatible
• Patented ActiveShapes technology
• Patented Plugs and Sockets technology
• Import / Export DWG, DXF, WMF...