Productos eMicroScribe

MicroScribe G2

G2MicroScribe® G2 is an accurate, affordable 3D digitizing system. A favorite of animators, engineers and designers, MicroScribe products capture the physical properties of three-dimensional objects and accurately translate them into complete 3D models.

The award-winning MicroScribe features Immersion's mechanical tracking technology and a unique, attractive mechanical arm that's compact and easy to use. Constructed from the highest quality components like precise aluminum housings, lightweight graphite links and state-of-the-art electronics, MicroScribe provides years of trouble-free digitizing

The counterbalanced mechanical arm is equipped with precision bearings for smooth, effortless manipulation. Each joint uses digital optical sensors, which are immune from any environmental noise and interference. It all makes for a versatile system that can work in almost any environment and be used with objects of any material. With accuracy of up to 0.009", the MicroScribe G2 system is truly the ultimate 3D digitizer.

MicroScribe MX

G2MicroScribe MX portable CMMs offer metrology level accuracy, an easy-to-use articulated arm design, and seamless integration with the most popular reverse engineering and metrology software packages.

The MicroScribe portable CMM supplies a new, more cost-effective alternative for manufactured parts inspection, reverse engineering, and high-accuracy 3D digitizing.

RevWare for SolidWorks

RevWare® enhances the state of the art for CAD-Driven Reverse Engineering™. In linking SolidWorks to your 3D digitizer or coordinate measuring machine (CMM), RevWare opens the door to greatly enhanced productivity allowing you to capture the design intent of your parts more quickly than ever before. Real-time collection of part data and the immediate display of features within your SolidWorks model provide a critical link between design and development, which revolutionizes the way you capture the intellectual property contained in your existing parts. You can capture design intent from even worn and broken components. Reduce product development time, increase accuracy and have more fun while you work.

RevWare is easy to use because it is fully integrated into the familiar SolidWorks interface. RevWare is a SolidWorks Gold Partner application, and has been since 1997. This assures that RevWare has met strict integration and quality standards. The display, editing, and management of features created with RevWare all take place within the familiar SolidWorks interface. This tight integration means that you collect data from your part as you need it and the data automatically appears in your assembly or part document, ready for immediate use. RevWare defines CAD-Driven Reverse Engineering.